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DSM-IV-TR Diagnostic Criteria for Schizophrenia
A. characteristic symptoms (active phase): >2 of the following, each present for a significant portion of time during a 1-month period (or less if successfully treated):

    • delusions
    • hallucinations
    • disorganized speech (e.g. frequent derailment or incoherence) 
    • grossly disorganized or catatonic behaviour
    • negative symptoms, e.g. affective flattening, alogia (inability to speak), or avolition (inability to initiate and persist in goal-directed activities)

Note: only 1 - symptom is required if delusions are bizarre or hallucinations consist of a voice keeping a running commentary on the person's behaviour or thoughts, or 2 or more voices conversing with each other

B. social/occupational dysfunction: >1 major areas of functioning (work, interpersonal relations, self-care) markedly below the level achieved prior to the onset of symptoms

C. continuous signs of disturbance for >6 months, including >1 month of active phase symptoms; may include prodromal or residual phases

D. schizoaffective and mood disorders excluded

E. the disturbance is not due to the direct physiological effects of a substance or a general medical condition (GMC)

F.  if history of pervasive developmental disorder, additional diagnosis of schizophrenia is made only if prominent delusions or hallucinations are also present for at least 1 month

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