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Mood Disorders >> Postpartum Mood Disorders

imagePostpartum "Blues"

  • transient period of mild depression, mood instability, anxiety, decreased concentration, increased concern over own health and health of baby – considered to be normal emotional changes related to the puerperium
  • occurs in 50-80% of mothers; begins 2-4 days postpartum, usually lasts 48 hours, can last up to 10 days
  • does not require psychotropic medication
  • patient at increased risk of developing postpartum depression

Postpartum Depression (PPD)

  • diagnosis: MDE, onset within 4 weeks postpartum
  • clinical presentation:
    • typically lasts 2 to 6 months; residual symptoms can last up to 1 year
    • may present with psychosis - rare (0.2%), usually associated with mania, but can be MDE
    • severe symptoms include extreme disinterest in baby, suicidal and infanticidal ideation
  • epidemiology: occurs in 10% of mothers, risk of recurrence 50%
  • risk factors
    • previous history of a mood disorder (postpartum or otherwise)
    • psychosocial factors: stressful life events, unemployment, marital conflict, lack of social support, unwanted pregnancy, colicky or sick infant
  • treatment
    • psychotherapy
    • short-term safety of maternal SSRIs for breastfeeding infants established; long-term effects unknown
    • supportive, non-directive counselling by trained home visitors
    • if depression severe, consider ECT
  • prognosis: impact on child development - increased risk of cognitive delay, insecure attachment, behavioural disorders; treatment of mother improves outcome for child at 8 months through increased mother-child interaction
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