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Abdominal Incisions

Approach to the Critically Ill Surgical Patient



A- air way


C- circulation
I - IV: two large bore IV’s with normal saline, wide open
M - Monitors: O2sat, ECG, BP
F - Foley catheter to measure urine output
I - Investigations: see above
N – +/- NG tube
E - Ex rays


Abdominal Incisions


  1. Kocher's (subcostal) : access to RUQ or LUO contents i.e. gallbladder, spleen
  2. upper midline  :access to stomach, duodenum, gallbladder, liver, transverse colon
  3. paramedian : can make similar incision in each quadrant (or access to each quadrant's contents
  4. lateral paramedian   :
  5. incision made at outer 1/3 - medial 2/3 border of rectus ,
  6. modification of paramedian but with lower risk of dehiscence or ventral hernia
  7. Rutherford Morrison :  access to lower ureter, colon, and iliac arteries
  8. lower midline : access to pelvic organs
  9. Pfannenstiel   : suprapubic incision for access to pelvic cavity
  10. Grid-Iron        :
  11. incision at McBurney's point
  12. access to appendix


Layers of the Abdominal Wall

Layers of the Abdominal Wall

  1. skin
  2. superficial fascia
    • Camper's fascia ---> dartos muscle
    • Scarpa's fascia ---> Colles' fascia
  3. muscle
    • external oblique ---> inguinal ligament, external spermatic fascia, fascia lata
    • internal oblique ---> cremasteric muscle
    • transversalis abdominus ---> posterior inguinal wall
  4. transversalis fascia ---> internal spermatic fascia
  5. peritoneum ---> tunica vaginalis


At midline

  1. rectus abdominus muscle: in rectus sheath, divided by linea alba

Above semicircular line of Douglas (midway between symphysis pubis and umbilicus):


above semicircular line of Douglas (midway between symphysis pubis and umbilicus):
anterior rectus sheath = external oblique aponeurosis and anterior leaf of internal oblique aponeurosis
posterior rectus sheath = posterior leaf of internal oblique aponeurosis and transversus


Below semicircular line of Douglas:

below semicircular line of Douglas
anterior rectus sheath = aponeurosis of external, internal oblique, transversus



  • superior epigastric (branch of internal thoracic), inferior epigastric (branch of external iliac), both arteries anastomose and lie behind the rectus muscle
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