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Definition and Clinical Features

  1. pregnancy beyond 42 weeks (10% of pregnancies)
  2. accurate dating essential
  3. etiology unknown
  4. morbidity increased with hypertension/PET, DM, abruption, IUGR and multiple gestation


  1. perinatal mortality 2-3 x higher
  2. oligohydramnios
  3. meconium passage; risk of meconium aspiration
  4. asphyxia
  5. macrosomia placental insufficiency; infarction of aging placenta
  6. postmaturity syndrome: 10-20% of post-term pregnancies (fetal weight loss, reduction in subcutaneous fat, scaling, dry skin from placental insufficiency)

  1. fetal movement count by the mother
  2. BPP twice weekly from 40 weeks
  3. delivery after 41 weeks if not already in labour since perinatal mortality is higher secondary to progressive uteroplacental insufficiency
  4. if BPP < 10/10 at any time, deliver
  5. decreased tolerance for asphyxia during intrapartum
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