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Amniotic fluid index of 5 cm or less

Etiology of Early Onset Oligohydramnios

  1. decreased production
    • renal agenesis or dysplasia,
    • urinary obstruction,
    • posterior urethral valves (male)
  2. increased loss
    • prolonged amniotic fluid leak (although most often labour ensues)
  3. 15-25% of cases have fetal anomalies
Fetal Complications

  1. cord compression
  2. T1 onset
    • Potterís facies
    • limb deformities
    • abdominal wall defects
  3. onset at > 20 weeks
    • pulmonary hypoplasia
Late Pregnancy Onset Oligohydramnios

  1. amniotic fluid normally decreases after 35 weeks
  2. common in post-term pregnancies
  3. may be a marker for infants who may not tolerate labour well

oligohydramnios is an important sign of chronic placental insufficiency and always warrants admission and investigation
  • rule out ROM
  • fetal monitoring (NST, CTG, BPP)
  • consider delivery if at term

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