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Accessory nerve

Cranial & Spinal part of the accessory nerve & their central connections

It has 2 parts (Roots) : Cranial root & spinal root

Cranial part
Spinal part
Cortical connection
Receives corticonuclear fibers from both cerebral hemispheres
  • It joins the spinal root & leaves the skull through jugular foramen

  • Then the roots separate again, cranial root joins the vagus
  • Situated in the anterior grey column of the spinal cord  in the upper 5 cervical segments

  • Nerve fibers emerge from the spinal cord & form a nerve trunk that ascends into the skull through the foramen magnum
  • Spinal part joins the cranial part & pas through the jugular foramen

  • Then they separate again
Supply Supply the muscles of:
  • Soft palate (Except tensor veli palatini)
  • Pharynx (Except stylopharyngeus)
  • Larynx (Except cricothyroid)
Supplies the SCM muscle & trapezius muscle

Examination of the Accessory nerve

1) SCM (Left SCM turns had to right & vice versa)

1. Ask the patient to rotate head against resistance
2. Compare the power & muscle bulk in both sides
3. Also compare patient puling head forward against resistance

2) Trapezius

1. Ask the patient to shrug his shoulders & hold them in this position against resistance
2. Compare power on each side
3. Patient should manage any effort to depress shoulders
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