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Vascular disorders of medulla


The pons

  • It’s situated anterior to the cerebellum
  • It connects medulla to the mid brain

The anterior surface
  • Middle cerebellar peduncles are located either side of the antero – lateral side
  • There’s a shallow groove in the midline – Basilar groove (Lodges the basilar artery)
    1. Trigeminal nerve (V) emerges from the antero – lateral side
    2. Motor root (Small & medial)
  • Sensory root (Large & lateral)
  • From the groove between the Medulla & the pons, emerge (Medial to lateral)
    1. Abducent nerve (VI)
    2. Facial nerve (VII)
    3. Vestibulocochlear nerve (VIII)
The posterior surface
  • Triangular in shape
  • Forms the floor of the 4th ventricle (Upper half)
  • Median sulcus divides the posterior surface into symmetrical 2 halves
  • Medial eminence is lateral to the sulcus & it’s bounded laterally by the sulcus limitans
  • Inferior end of the medial eminence is expanded to form the facial colliculus (Produce by the root of the facial nerve winding around the nucleus of the Abducent nerve)
  • Superior part of the sulcus limitans is called substantia ferruginea (Bluish – grey color)
  • Vestibular area is lateral to the sulcus limitans (Produced by the underlying vestibular nucleus)
  • Superior cerebellar peduncles are located most laterally



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