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The spinal cord

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It’s cylindrical shape Starts : At the foramen magnum in the skull Ends Adult : Lower border of the 1st lumbar vertebra (L 1) Young child : upper border of the 3rd lumbar vertebra (L 3) Inferiorly Tapers off into the conus medullaris (It’s a prolongation of the pia mater) Filum terminale descends & attach to the posterior surface of the coccyx Anteriorly : Anterior median fissure (Deep longitudinal fissure) Posteriorly : Posterior median sulcus Coverings 3 meninges (Dura, Arachnoid & Pia mater) CSF in the sub arachnoid space It has 2 fusiform enlargements Cervical enlargement : Gives origin to brachial plexus Lumbar enlargement : Gives rise to lumbosacral plexus There are 31 pairs of spinal nerves attached by the: Motor roots (Anterior) Sensory roots (Posterior) Each posterior nerve root has a posterior root ganglion (Gives rise to peripheral & central nerve fibers) Spinal cord – Nerve supply image Body landmark Dermatome Back of head C-2 Shoulder C-4 Thumb C-6 Middle finger C-7 Small finger C-8 Nipple T-4, T-5 Umbilicus T-10 Inguinal region L-1 Big toe L-4, L-5 Small toe S-1 Genitalia and perianal region S-4, S-5 Structure of the spinal cord : (Grey matter: Inner core & White matter: Outer covering) Transverse section of the spinal cord Gray matter image White Matter image profile editor"It will take only 2 sec to say thanks and will take only 10 sec to write a comment it will be a nice encouragement for uploaders "
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